Chairperson. Mrs Lesley Cox
Hon. Secretary and Contact person.




We are happy to report that PADLT continues to develop friendship links with the people of Lesotho and in one way in particular we have expanded into England, but more of that later.

Due to the generosity of the British Humane Association we are able to sponsor the training of a nurse  inMaseru. This has required less money than we had expected and if the Association is as generous in the future, then we would be able to train 2 more nurses. Also in relation to health there is a Penarth Ophthalmic Surgeon who may be able to spend some time in Lesotho if suitable arrangements can be made.

Our main donee is TYJunior Academy under the charismatic leadership of its Headteacher Godfrey Kakande who continues to be our main and most reliable contact. We are glad to say that his new teaching block now has a roof, is virtually completed and that the water damage to other, more temporary classrooms has been repaired. Another of our links is with Ntate Makhete of the Skills Centre in TY. They do a first class job of training young men into skills such as bricklaying, plastering,etc, but so much more could be offered and longer hours be available to train in the long dark Winter afternoons if they had electricity. This would include training in the use of computers and welding and metalwork. PADLT has therefore decided to fund the provision of electricity asasp.

We have recently sent £1000 to TY for the purchase of English books, to be shared by the eleven schools with which we have contact. This donation is from the Rhoddyr Trust to whom we are very grateful. PADLT has had an income of over £30,000 up until the 31st Dec . 2012 We do have available collecting goblets and many of these are in shops and businesses and if anyone would like one, we should be delighted to provide it.

Through contact with our web-site, a funding organisation Tour Aid Field of Dreams has been in touch with us and the result is that 18 boys and 3 Staff ( all from TYJAc ) are coming over in February to be trained in Rugby skills and on return toLesotho, to pass this new skill on to other young people. The group will also be educated into a Life Pattern which will keep them healthy and reduce their exposure to HIV/AIDS, the prevalence of which inLesothois very high. They will be the Rugby Pebble in the Lesothan Pond. At a later date their host families will have the opportunity of youngsters visiting Lesotho and learning something themselves.

A school group from Stanwell will be visiting Lesothoin 2014 and a group of adults is planned for 2015.

May I draw your attention to the following events planned for the future.

Wednesday 6th March. Talk on Rorke’s Drift by Dr Jonathan Hicks , Headteacher St Cyre’s School  In Stanwell Baptist church at 7.30 pm

Wednesday 13th March  Junior Schools Concert 7.0pm  Venue Stanwell School Theatre

Saturday 11th May  10.oam Penarth Plant Sale and Craft and Children’s Corner Venue. Stanwell Baptist Schoolroom Victoria Road end

Saturday 15th June 11.0am  Fun Run    Venue Cosmeston

Saturday 21 September  Craft Workshop

We still have a few booklets” I Love Lesotho” available, should you like one.

Report of the Penarth and District Lesotho Trust to Penarth Cytun November 2012

PADLT has had a busy time since Cytun last met, with a “Pamper “ evening, a Table Top Sale and a Quiz night. The funds generated by these activities have been used for the benefit of our friends in Lesotho.Mel Griffin ran a half Marathon and raised over £1600. Well done and thank you Mel.

We shall be entering a tree in St Augustine’s Christmas Tree Festival and look forward to a talk from Dr Hicks, the Headteacher of St Cyres school, his topic being The Battle Sites of the Boer War”.

We recently sent £1000 to Lesotho to be used for books and to be divided between 11 schools, this number being an indication of the widening involvement that we have in education in TY and District.

Much of our funding goes to TY Junior Academy and their new building is progressing well, substantial cement blocks and not just wood and hardboard. Godfrey, their Headteacher has high standards for his pupils and the school produces excellent exam results. Now having sheep, they are in need of a sheep shearing machine which has been made available.We may see Godfrey again when he comes over with older Basothan teenagers to teach them rugby skills so that on their return they will pass these on to their schoolmates.

With regard to health, we have a contact with a local Eye Surgeon who may be willing to visit Lesotho and pass on his expertise to Surgeons in Lesotho.

As reported at the last meeting the group of young people who visited in the Summer had a most successful and life-changing trip and plans are in progress for their next visit in 2014, with Lesley and Peter Cox to possibly act as drivers.

Tracey Graham, a teacher from Stanwell is planning a trip for Stanwell teachers and other adults who are interested to visit Lesotho in 2015, a case of truly looking to the future.

Our Treasurer and his wife attended a Wales For Africa lunch and had the privilege of seeing ArchBishop Desmond Tutu, who was most enthusiastic for the contact between Wales and many countries in Africa, not least Lesotho.

Our AGM is fixed for Wednesday 6th Feb. in the Gallery at All Saints, to which you are all invited.

Penarth and District Lesotho Trust Report September 2012

PADLT has had an exciting summer, with a visit by Mr Godfrey Kakande, the Headmaster of TY Junior Academy, in July and a group from Stanwell Schoolgoing to TY in August.

Godfrey’s visit to Penarth was a great success, as he took assemblies in schools, spoke at churches and colleges, enjoyed hospitality in homes and went on cultural trips. Many of you will have met him during his time in Penarth and will have been captivated by his charismatic character and the story of his school that he has to tell. PADLT was able to send him back with two lap-tops and enough funding to complete the roofing of the new school building, hopefully before the rains come.

The Young People’s visit to TY last month was also a success and was memorable both for themselves and for the children in the schools where they taught. They were also able to take out with them more reconditioned lap-tops, along with other gifts and further funding that they themselves had raised.

As a result of our website – – we have received a contact from Philip Fouche, a man fromBraintree inEssex, who is eager to set up a Rugby Link with TY. This has been done successfully with other groups of young rugby players fromBritain and children in Africa, and Mr Fouche and two colleagues came to meet Godfrey inCardiff. There are now plans for Godfrey to bring a group of children from TY JA and other schools in TY toEssex in October this year. Braintree Rugby Club and TourAid will organise the funding and arrangements necessary and the children will stay with families inBraintree. Young people from those families will then make a return visit to TY in 2-3 years time to teach rugby skills. Not surprisingly, Godfrey is both daunted and excited by this project.

PADLT’s future fund-raising plans are as follows:-

Table Top Sale , Saturday 29th September 10.00-12.00 Stanwell Rd Hall (see poster)

Quiz Night 19th October All Saints Church

Plant Sale 2013 – May 2013

Please publicise the events.

Future Visits to TY –

Tracey Graham will take a group of adults in 2014/2015

Nigel Gibbs is hoping to take a group in 2013

Report of Penarth and District Lesotho Trust to Penarth and District Cytun Executive June 2012

PADLT has obtained a £10,000 grant to train a Nursing Student on a 4 year course. This would leave £4000 for further training.

There is also £1000 available for English Language books

Sara Jones has updated our web site which can be seen at

We shall be joining the Exhibition in the Big God Tent on Sunday 8 July.

We have now published an Anniversary Book describing the first 10 years of work inLesotho.

Lesley Cox has paid a very successful visit with students toLesothoand at the Play Project there were over 200 children attending.

Young people fromStanwellSchoolare visitingLesothoin August but the proposed adult visit in 2013 is in some doubt.

Two fund raising events were held in May, a Fun Run on 12th, organised by Keith Howells and a Plant Sale on 26th.

We don’t have totals for these events yet.

The Head Teacher of TY Junior Academy , Godfrey Kakande, is hoping to visit Wales25th June – 10th July and there will be opportunities to meet him.

The young people raised £250 at a Musicathon and they have Bag Packing planned at a Supermarket and an Own Clothes Day at school, as fundraisers.

We also have Goblets at a number of shops in Penarth/

There is also a concert planned for Friday 6 July in Stanwell Baptist. PADLT would like to thank Cytun for the support it gives


(Please note ,as quoted above, this visit is now in some doubt)

 If you have already visited Lesotho or are considering coming for the first time, the 2013 trip will be an exciting one to remember.

The primary reason for the visit will be to develop friendship links , many of which have been established over the 10 year period we have been associated withLesotho. We believe that the relationships that have developed during this time have enhanced the lives of adults and children both  in Penarth and area and in TY and area.

Both communities have something of value to offer to each other, and the best way of understanding that is by visiting.

To go toLesotho and experience their hospitality, friendliness and generosity is a truly heart warming, life changing and emotional experience. Challenging, but joyful.

Dates of Visit     An 18 day trip during Feb, 2013

Cost of Visit                     £1950  ( Approx.) Depends on exchange rate.

Purpose of Visit           To make friends, provide practical support, form new links and develop existing links.

Outline Itinerary                 Day 1    Fly from Cardiff to Jo’Berg

Day 2  Drive toLesotho

Days 3-10  Activities inLesotho

Day 11 Drive SaniPass to S Africa

Day 12 Drive North – world heritage sites

Days 13-14 Battlesites ( Rourke’s Drift, etc.)


Day 17  Jo’Berg – fly home

Day18  ArriveCardiff



I should like to be considered for the 2013 visit to Lesotho

NAME                                                ADDRESS

TEL. NUMBER                                      E MAIL

My interest in the visit is :

Sign.                        Date

Please return to Jeremy Dix,Norwood,Sully Road, Penarth. CF642TQ

Tel.. 02920707036         E Mail


Report by PADLT to Penarth Cytun Executive Feb. 2012

The news of the moment is that Nigel is no more. He has been killed and eaten. Nigel is one of Godfrey’s pigs and was much appreciated and enjoyed by the pupils of TY Junior Academy.

PADLT has been awarded a £10,000 grant by the British Humane Association to train medical staff inLesothoand this should kickstart TYPDWT into opening a bank account. This will make it easier and more accountable re. the use of funding.

Several shops now have goblets into which 5p bag money can be put.

Lesley has been working hard to put an Anniversary Book together and this will shortly be available to mark the first 10 years of our work inLesotho.

CCCO are performing a concert in All Saints on 7th Feb.  at 8.0pm and our AGM is to be on 8th Feb., also in All Saints at 7.30pm. Everyone is welcome to come to both events.

Lesley is taking a group of 11 toLesothoin March and Sara is going with a Stanwell Youth team in August.

Another concert with singers from the WNO is planned for May, plus our FunRun and Plant Sale.

Trustees continue to advertise the work of the Trust and we have a number of appointments to speak in schools.

PADLT continues to be grateful to the members of Cytun for their encouragement and support and believes that the quality of life of our 2 communities has been enhanced by this work and the forging of lasting relationships.

Ps. Late news. Godfrey hopes to visit Wales in June.


PADLT happenings… report Nov 2011

1) Anniversary book. Lesley Cox had received articles and pictures from a number of people and the project was worthwhile, but there was still time for more contributions- Rosemary would circulate the membership. Through a contact, Prince Harry would be asked to write a foreward.
2) Lesotho Youth Garden Party. This had been a lot of fun in the Flynne’s garden and £300 had been raised.. This was an initiative of the Stanwell School students.
3) Website. This is now up and running thanks to Sara Jones. She can be provided with information, articles, pictures, etc. for the site.
It is hoped that this will be linked with the Penarth Cytun web – site.
4) Keith, Rosemary and Jeremy had visited Ashgrove School and Chris Britten, the Head, had expressed a wish for the school to have links with Lesotho. Lesley Cox knew of a Special Needs teacher in Lesotho who might be interested in linking.
5) Lesley Cox will take another group of students from Ystrad Mynach College in March which has almost become an annual event. Stanwell School are also planning a visit in the summer of 2012.
6) The PADLT AGM will be on Wednesday 8th February 2012 in All Saints Church.


A number of activities associated with Lesotho have taken place since the last meeting. Stanwell school pupils are due to visit Lesotho next August and several trustees from PADLT visited the school in July and discussed with some 70 pupils how links could develop in the future. The new Head, Derek Jones, is enthusiastic to deepen and formalise the link with Rantuba Secondary School and 2 members of staff are planning to go with the young people next August. However, the young people still have ownership of the visit and will formulate their own programme. Other schools in Penarth are continuing to develop their own links and exchange letters. The young people( Lesotho Youth ) held a Garden Party in August and raised £300. Lesotho Youth are also a nominated charity supported by Sainsbury’s for the year.In July, PADLT trustees were visited by Mr Duncan Cantley of the Humane Society,an organisation which is sympathetic to the aims of PADLT and may be able to help with resourcing, especially for the training of Health personnel.
Lesley Cox is planning an anniversary booklet to celebrate 10 years of friendship with Lesotho and would welcome contributions of personal memories from any who have visited the country.
We are anticipating the formalisation of the TY and Peka Districts Wales Trust( TYPDWT ) which is due its AGM shortly and it will then be much easier to work with a committee representative of the community as a whole and with its own Bank account, rather than isolated individuals.Our intention is to be as transparent and accountable as possible with all financial arrangements. We are continuing to support Godfrey and the TY Junior Academy and have recently sent £4,500 to help with the construction of their latest school block. Our Treasurer also has links with a company which may be able to help with water pipe installation.There are outline plans for a future visit to Wales by Basothan friends.This would need funding and would be helpful and informative to both communities.
A local film group is interested in making a documentary about the work of PADLT and if successful would provide useful publicity.
Peter and Lesley recently attended Dinas Powis Village Show. They were having a sponsored Bobble Hat making competition for Lesotho and an award was made to the winner.
Future activities are talks to Victoria, Ashgrove and Fairfield schools, a table top sale on Saturday 12 November and an entry in St Augustine’s Christmas Tree festival.
We consider ourselves to be an offspring of Cytun and continue to be grateful for the ongoing support of member churches.

Jeremy Dix ( Secretary PADLT ) Sept. 2011


This year so far has been a busy one for PADLT. Two visits have been made to Lesotho, the first by a party of 11 adults, mostly retired teachers,who stayed in TY at Ka Pitseng. They visited a number of schools, churches, the local hospital, the area government representative,a Skills Center, and generally formed friendships with local people.The second visit was by a group of students from Ystrad Mynach College, led by Lesley Cox, to develop their pre school teaching experience and form friendships of their own. The members of both groups were much moved by the warmth and hospitality of those they met and both visitors and those visited benefited from these new relationships.
Many from the groups are already thinking about their next visit and sharing with and learning from those living in a quite different culture.
Should you wish a member of the group to tell of their experiences in your church , please contact Jeremy on 20707036 or Peter on 20708952.
PADLT is hoping that it might assist in a number of visits from Lesotho in 2012. Apart from visiting, we have been busy fund raising.
A barn dance was organised by Sara on 9th April, a Mayor’s coffee morning on 11th, Keith arranged a Fun Run on 7th May and Howard a Plant Sale on 21st May. There have been various other Fund Raisers such as a very successful Fashion Show run by Stanwell Pupils and St Fagin’s school made a generous donation.
We are grateful to all those who support the work of PADLT and we are able to assist in a number of initiatives in Lesotho, particularly TY and Peka.
Whilst our primary role is that of friendship development which benefits communities in both Lesotho and Wales, resources are always needed in Lesotho to develop their infrastructure.
We believe that the work is growing as a wider network forms within Penarth and district and more people develop a heart for Lesotho.
We were encouraged that Lesotho was high profile at the Royal Wedding, people being asked, if they wished to present gifts, that these go to Prince Harry’s Lesotho Charity.
As the profile of Lesotho is strengthened, those there will benefit and lives will be changed because people care. Please continue to support us.
Jeremy Dix ( Sec. PADLT ) June 2011


PADLT has continued to develop its links with the people of Lesotho, particularly with the people in TY and Peka.
Two visits were made last year by associated groups. A party of young adults led by Sara Jones went in March/April and spent time in Leribe and TY, working in schools and setting up the TY and Peka District Wales Link ( TYPDWL ), the Lesotho equivalent of PADLT. TYPDWL will allow us to work with a group of people, rather than only individuals.We were grateful to receive a grant from Gold Star to enable this development.
The group also visited TY Junior Academy and were able to see the progress made by the school, ‘though much still needs doing.
We are happy to report that the school now has an electricity supply, also a ready supply of fresh meat and vegetables.
The second visit was by a group of students from Stanwell school, with Lesley and Peter Cox as drivers. After a somewhat difficult start, the trip was a great success. In one school there was evidence of real deprivation and the young people responded magnificiently as their cooking skills subsequently demonstrated. Of concern was that there seemed to be no progress in the way that Gap and Levi Strauss factories were dealing with their waste products, a matter we had protested about previously.
To assist with travel, we purchased a Sat Nav system.
The following is a brief diary for the year :
FEBRUARY Africa/Wales link conference. Cardiff Health Board are now members and may encourage personnel to visit Lesotho. We also held a very successful Quiz. Thank you Alun.
MARCH/APRIL Visit to Lesotho by Sara’s group
MAY Fun Run around Cosmeston. Thank you Keith
A stall in the Plant Sale. We are responsible for organising this event this year. Thank you Howard. Volunteers please.
JULY. Cambrensis Concert in Stanwell Baptist. Thank you Kelvin.
Lesotho Exhibition in Stanwell Baptist, supported by schools and the public.
AUGUST Visit to Lesotho by Stanwell School young people
OCTOBER Sponsored Leaf pick. We collected 80 bags. Thank you Peter
DECEMBER. Concert in All Saints by Ardwyn Singers
Tree in St Augustine’s Christmas Tree Festival. Thank you Howard

Our plans for the future are more fund raising events, a Barn Dance on 9th April, a Fun Run on 7th May and a Plant Sale on 21st May and various events in the Autumn.
We continue to encourage school twinning, local government and health links and in March/April, two groups are visiting Lesotho. One is a party of 11 adults, mostly retired teachers , and the second a group of students from Ystrad Mynach College.
We are grateful for your support in the past .The importance of the links is as great as ever and we would welcome any fresh input as to how we can more effectively develop the friendships between our two communities.
Thank you Keith for publicity and please see Rosemary if you wish to become a member of PADLT.
Jeremy Dix ( Secretary PADLT ) January 2011

Report by Penarth and District Lesotho Trust to Penarth and District Cytun on 20th November 2010

Links between Penarth and TY continue and regular updates are received from TY Junior Academy. We are glad to report that they now have a variety of livestock on the site which provide nourishment for staff and scholars. Funding is required for the ongoing development of the fabric of the school; and £1000 was recently sent for this purpose.Wiring of some of the buildings is underway and an electrical supply would be a great advance.
We were concerned to hear that Mark West’s home had been broken into, Mark briefly held hostage and many items of value stolen. Fortunately none of the family was hurt during what was a very frightening experience. PADLT agreed to consider helping Mark cover some of his losses.
Plans are in hand for a visit by a party of eleven at the end of March 2011, eight of whom are teachers and much emphasis will be on developing the links with schools.
Fourteen are going from Coleg Ystrad Mynach in April 2011 and they have plans to work with young children.
Stanwell School’s young people are already planning their visit in 2012 and such is their enthusiasm that they have formed a Stanwell Lesotho support group.
We continue to fund raise and activities in the near future are, an entry to the Christmas Tree Festival at Saint Augustines in December and a Christmas concert by the Ardwyn Singers on Sat. 11th December. A sponsored leaf-pick in All Saints Square on Friday and Saturday 5th and 6th November was very successful and 72 bags of leaves were collected and will be removed and composted by the Council.
We were very pleased to hear that Keith’s Fun Run had raised over £900 for PADLT – well done Keith.
The new Cardiff Health Board has signed up to the Wales/Africa Link , possibly with a view to sending people to Lesotho in the future. One of out trustees , Nigel Gibbs, has been appointed to this committee.
PADLT is grateful to all those who support their work and continue to involve as many people as possible .
PADLT’s AGM is on 2nd Feb., 7.30 pm in Stanwell Road’s Lecture Room and apart from the business, we hope to hear from young people who visited Lesotho this year. All are welcome to attend this meeting.
J C Dix ( Sec. PADLT )