Social Justice


God’s love is for all human beings and the whole of creation. As Christians we are called to share in bringing His love and compassion to the world; thus work for justice is an integral part of our faith.

Aims of the Committee:

To enable the churches in Penarth CYTUN to work together for social justice
a) within Penarth and district
b) in relation to national issues
c) in relation to international issues

We see ourselves as encouraging and supporting the work carried out by individual churches, and working together wherever possible in the area of social justice.

Chairman: Keith Howells
7, Bridgeman Court, Penarth CF64 3NR
Tel 029 2070 0315

Social Justice Committee report November 2014

We have continued to grow in our e-activism as it’s so accessible and covers such a wide range of interests.  Mainly we have focused on human rights issues, human trafficking, poverty and tax justice issues i.e. through

  • Amnesty international
  • Jubilee Debt Campaign
  • Walk Free
  • Tearfund
  • Christian Aid
  • Avaaz

In fact, on a demonstration level, members did take part in the Climate Change March in Cardiff. We were disappointed with the low turn-out in Cardiff, though apparently a large contingent of local Greenpeace & Friends of the Earth Groups had gone down to be part of the London rally. It was a significant experience to give some time and energy to it, to physically stand up and walk out for the planet. We intend to be involved in more in the future.

Also the Justice and Peace Group (St Joseph’s, Penarth and St Mary’s, Dinas Powys) has been involved with the CAFOD One Climate One World Campaign.  This was launched in Wales at the Norwegian Church, Cardiff Bay last Friday evening to hear speakers from Peru who told us of their experiences of climate change in their communities.  They have seen the glaciers melting and as a result their water supplies are no longer reliable.

Sheila Collins and Teresa Mitchell spoke at all services at the two churches about the effects of climate change on our neighbours in developing countries.  The talk took as its theme the two major commandments – Love of God and Love of our neighbour – and what we can do to make a difference in the way we live to help those who are suffering from water shortages and insecure electricity supplies. Parishioners were asked to sign cards asking our politicians to support sustainable and renewable energy over fossil fuels. People were also asked to pledge to do something to reduce their carbon footprint e.g. switch off unnecessary lights, have a carfree day once a week, switch to a green energy provider, etc. Perhaps all our churches could do the same.

Keith Howells
029 2047 1525

Social Justice Committee report November 2011

1. Public Meeting
This is planned for either 13th or 14th March 2012. The speaker is Dr John Weaver and the subject is related to the Millennium Goals set out by the United Nations. Venue to be arranged.

2. Sex Trafficking
The charity ‘Hope for Justice’ is being supported by the group ‘Act for Justice’ which is meeting at 17 Salop Place on Wed 9th November at 7:30pm. This is the home of our Committee member Clare. Open to anyone from Cytun churches who feel for those trapped in trafficking and exploitation.
Note: Clare launched the group on women’s day In Tabernacle and raised £1200.

3.Amnesty Christmas Card campaign
St Joseph’s and Tabernacle already join in this Christmas campaign, All Saints is starting up

4. Programme of Prayer
To be completed in December to circulate for the January to March Quarter 2012.

Derek W Day


We are currently working on the following topics:
1. Amnesty International Christmas Card Campaign
2. Jubilee Debt Campaign
3. Programme of Prayer – a programme of prayer for use if wished by churches and individuals linked to the ‘days of prayer’ in the annual calendar.

Other Projects – More work required
Autumn Public meeting – Millenium Goals.
Sex Trafficking
Persecution of Christians

DwD 29 May 2011

News item from Phil Kingston on 9th October 07

One World Week Event on 22nd October at 7 30pm in All Saints Main Hall arranged by the Penarth Cytun Social Justice Committee. This is an opportunity to show our solidarity with asylum-seekers and our appreciation of the contribution of refugees to British society. Please note that the Kurdish Dancers are being replaced by the Butetown Hip Hop Dancers who will provide entertainment with the Drummers and Singers of ‘Love Africa’ – AN EVENT FOR THE FAMILY. The evening will include statements by asylum-seekers and refugees about their experiences of fleeing their country and coming here. Tickets are available in advance from tel 707678, £3 00 (concession £1 50 except for 16 years and under which are £1 00), and also at the door.’

Forthcoming Justice and Peace events as from 23rd September 07

17th October, Wednesday at 7 30pm, in St. David’s Hall, ‘Music Extravaganza’ in aid of United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women. Tickets £9 50/£13 50/£16 00 from 02920 878444

18th October, Thursday at 7 30pm in Lecture Theatre 1, University Hospital of Wales, Heath. ‘Universities, the Pharmaceutical Industry and the Global Health Agenda’, a Lecture by Prof. Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, Imperial College, London. Arranged by the University Dept of Epidemiology, Statistics and Public Health. Details email

21st October, Sunday at 6pm in Pontprennau Community Church Centre Heol Pontprennau. An Interdenominational Service for One World Week. Arranged by Cardiff East Churches in Partnership. TEL 02920 520071

21st October, Sunday at 6pm in St. Isan’s Church, Llanishen, a United Service. Speaker Selina Moyo, Refugee Voice Wales. Arranged by Llanishen and District Churches Together. Tel 02920 765077

22nd October, Monday at 7 30pm in All Saints Hall, Victoria Square, Penarth, ‘Hear Our Voice’, a Concert with Kurdish Dancers and ‘Love Africa’ Drummers and Singers, and including the experiences of people who are seeking asylum in the UK. Tickets £3, £1 Children (who must be accompanied), £1 50 Other Concessions. At door or in advance from 02920 707678. Arranged by Penarth Cytun Social Justice Committee

24th October at 7 30pm in the Temple of Peace, Cathays Park ‘All Together Now!’, An International Evening to celebrate One World Week. Speaker from Wales Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign. Filipino Food, Irish Dancing and Chinese Music. Arranged by Cardiff UNA and Filipino Community Association. £5 donation requested. Tel 02920 734313

27th October, Saturday, 10am – 12 30pm in Canton Uniting Church, Cowbridge Road East (next to Somerfield Supermarket), Coffee Morning. At 11am, a talk by Anna Nichol of the Welsh Refugee Council. Arranged by Canton Churches Together. Tel 02920 239140

29th October, Monday at 7 30pm in the Temple of Peace, Cathays Park, ‘The Challenges of Development’. Roger Bevan of Cymru Cuba will speak on ‘Cuba’s world class health and education systems: an example for developing nations’, and Ben Gregory, Wales Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign will speak on ‘Can Nicaragua achieve the Millenium Development Goals?’. Organised by Cardiff UNA, Cymru Cuba and Wales Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign. Tel 02920 765077

3rd November, Saturday from 10am – 4pm , at Park End Church Hall, Rhydypenau Crossroads (North end of Roath Park), Fair Trade Sale, arranged by local fair trader. Tel 02920 752673

9th November, Friday at 7 30pm in Llandaff Parish Hall (off High Street car-park), A Debate: ‘The British Way of Life is Worth Upholding’, proposer Victor Steele, Diocesan Reader, former High School Head of R.E., opposer John Isaacs, former High School Headmaster. Fair Trade Stall. Admission £1 50 for buffet supper – in advance or at the door. Arranged by Llandaff Cathedral External Group. Tel 029 2056 5517

10th November, Saturday at Chapter Arts Centre, Market Road, Canton, the film Shooting Dogs, arranged by the Medical Foundation (caring for victims of torture) S E Wales group. For details of ticket prices and time of showing tel 02920 486097

News item from Diana Gregory


Father Frank Nally, a roman catholic priest and columban missionary, led a morning of prayer and reflection on justice, peace and care of the environment in Penarth on Saturday 30th June. The event was arranged by Penarth Cytun Social Justice Committee, which represents most of the churches in Penarth and district.

The meeting was chaired by Phil Kingston who welcomed Father Nally to Penarth. Participants came from churches in Penarth and Dinas Powys, Newport and Barry.

Father Nally spoke from his long experience of working with the indigenous peoples of The Phillipines. He had been active in opposing logging and mining there because of the consequences for the natural environment and ultimately for the tribal people.

He said that the Churches, on the whole, were lagging behind in combating climate change. Mountains were falling down and animals disappearing. God’s creation was vanishing. Our response had to be both individual and political. Christians had a responsibility to the Creator, which, he said, was an essential part of their faith.

The Creation Mandala, a circular object containing eight circular images symbolising crucial events in the unfolding of the story of the universe, was introduced. These eight events were described as births – of the universe, galaxies, the solar system, earth, life, the earth community, humans and the ecological age. Participants were invited to add their own lives as a ninth image, and to meditate on the Mandala.

After a break, Father Nally gave a very moving powerpoint presentation of the impact of deforestation. When forests are cut down, the soil erodes and disappears. The tribal people who live there are then without food. The earth becomes too hot so that there are more droughts and water becomes unavailable. Eventually the soil becomes unable to support life and the land is stripped of animals, birds and people. When rain hits the unprotected soil, it is washed into the sea; the mountains begin to fall down and lowland farms are washed away. The spirituality of the tribal peoples is close to the land and trees are an integral part of their self understanding. Therefore when the land is stripped, they not only lose their sources of sustenance but their sense of who they are is wrenched from them.

What might have been a depressing morning finished on a note of hope. If we develop awareness of the causes of climate change, we can take action to halt its progress. Father Nally said that there is no resurrection for the rainforests, but God has given us the knowledge and skills to prevent deforestation from going any further.